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Our Packaging will be 100% Recyclable


Hello, my name is Donté Trumble and I'm the CEO of Future Hits 3. Thank you for taking your time out of your day and reading our blog post about where we want to take our company.

First of all, I would like to personally thank all of the our customers who took the chance on a small but growing business and spreading the word about our company. Also, the folks who comment/like/share on our posts on Facebook and instagram. We really appreciate you being active in our community. We are forever grateful to all of you.

Today we are proudly announcing that starting Tuesday June 25th, 2019 we will be using 100% recyclable padded mailers. The padded mailers are made from recycled kraft paper and cushioned by recycled newspaper. As some of you know here at Future Hits 3 we use white poly bubble mailers that are made out of plastic. As CEO we can't continue to ship plastic bubble mailers when knowing what's going on in the world with regards to plastic. There is over 5 trillion pieces of plastic currently littered in the ocean as today. When I see images like one below, I personally feel responsible and need to do something about it. Even though it will be a very small impact, we have to start somewhere. We only have 1 earth so let's try and clean it up.


This is where you our customers come into play. Since these are packages are made out of 100% recycle paper instead of plastic, we want to know what condition your package is in. Once you received your package, if possible can you send a photo of your package to our email along with your order number or city and state for we can see how far the package traveled.

Side note - Once you're done with your package, remember to put it into the recycling bin.


CEO Donté Trumble

Thank you for your support!