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How to Apply our Fragrance Oils


Disclaimer - this is our opinion, if you have a way that you have and like please keep using your application method. Also, before applying make sure that you're not allergic to oil based products. If you are please don't apply our fragrance oil products.

Today you will read about the DO's and DONT's when applying our $5 fragrance oils, Getting your fragrance oil ready to use, How much fragrance oil you should apply and where, and why we apply the fragrance oils the way we do.

The Do

The do is simple... Apply directly to your skin. When applied to your skin it's like a sponge. As long as you don't wash the spots where you applied the fragrance oil it will last all day long!

The Don't

You might be thinking that applying our fragrance oil is as simple as applying the oil straight on your skin and clothing. But, it's not! Never apply our fragrance oils straight onto your clothing. Our fragrances are oil based and oil stains clothing. Oil is tough to get out once applied. So be aware of that and don't apply to your clothing.

Get your fragrance oil bottle ready to use.

Once you're ready to apply the fragrance oil, you'll notice that when you take the top off of the bottle, you'll see a white roll on ball. The white roll on ball should be dry. Turn the bottle upside down and with your index finger roll the ball until wet.

How does Future Hits 3 apply Fragrance oils?

Now it's time to apply the fragrance oil so you can smell great all day long. We have 5 spots that we apply the fragrance oils too. The first 2 spots are on the backside of your wrists (below your palms). Place the bottle in your right hand and make 2 swipes on your left wrist. Place the bottle in your left hand and do the same for your right wrist.

Now you should have oil on both of you wrists. Place the bottle down and rub both wrists together. The reason why we're rubbing your 2 wrists together is to get the fragrance oil into your skin.

Now take your right wrist and place it on your left side of your neck (parallel to your ear). Gently rub downward about 1/2 inch to 1 inch. Do the same for the opposite side as well.

Once you've done that, we're now going to apply to your clothing. Now as we mentioned above in the "don'ts", Do not apply the bottle fragrance oil straight onto your clothing. But, as of now your wrists shouldn't be wet. Your wrists should be dry and smell like the fragrance oil.

Starting from the top of your chest using both of your wrist wipe downwards towards your abdomen. Once you've completed that, you're done! Now you're going to smell great all day long! Enjoy!

Why do we apply the fragrance oils that way?

Short answer - We actually wear our product and put thought into applying our fragrance oil and also this way has worked the best.

Long short answer - So when you walk up to someone you either give that person a handshake, a hug, or a fancy double cheek kiss. Well by doing the application method above, you're covered for everything. You want the maximum coverage of the fragrance for the person or people can smell it. The closer you get to the person the better the chance of the person smelling the fragrance oil. You reach out your hand to give a handshake... well guess what your wrist smells like the fragrance oil. You're about to give out a hug or a double cheek kiss... well your both sides of your neck smells like the fragrance oil.

For the finale your shirt smells like the fragrance oil also. So when your walking the air around you will smells great!

Wow! What a read! You've now made it to the end and we hope this information helps out! Thanks and have a great day!