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Introducing FH3 Points and Verified Reviews!


We're super excited to announce FH3 Points and verified reviews. FH3 Points are points that you earn by leaving a review on each product. Each verified review is worth 0.5 points. But, to earn the points, your review has to be verified by us. The verification of your review is done in seconds and no human is needed. To verify your review, please sign up for an account with the same email that you use to get your email confirmation's from us with (your order has been confirmed, your order has shipped, your order has been delivered and, etc.) Also, click/tap the "Verify My Purchase to Earn FH3 Points". If you don't click/tap the button you will not receive your points. Img

Why does Future Hits 3 need verified reviews?

The simple answer is having our customers and visitors who come to our website trust us. The internet is the wild wild west and there are a lot of bad websites out there and we're not one of them. By gaining trust, people are not afraid of shopping with us. Img

Where do I see my points?

Your points will be displayed on the homepage of your account profile. FH3 Points

Where is the prize list?

Our prize list that you will redeem with your FH3 Points will be coming as soon as possible. But, in the meantime start earning FH3 Points and once the prize list is announced you may redeem your points right away or hoard them, up to you.

Looking into the Future!

In the future you will be able to gain FH3 Points by orders that you've made, interacting with the community, build your own user public profile, surveys, leaving feedback, and many other things. Now with that being said, we have a very bold agenda for Future Hits 3 and the Future Hits 3 website (releasing new fragrances weekly, expanding to Women and Men Clothing, allowing you to sell your own product on our website, and much more). It will take sometime to develop. As we're a very small team and with only have 1 developer. All feedback and new website features are welcome! Please use contact us page or send us an email at

Closing statement

We would like to say thank you for supporting us as a company and as humans. We hope you stick around for our journey. There will be hurdles that we will have to overcome, but with our motivation and pursuit we hope to overcome them. Have a wonderful day/night.


- Donte Trumble - CEO of Future Hits 3