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Introducing Request A Fragrance And Recent Orders!


Today we're excited to announce Request A Fragrance and Recent Orders! Our CEO/Developer has been working hard to get these features out for you and now they're here!

Request A Fragrance

What is request a fragrance? As many of you know, every Friday we add 1 to 2 new fragrances to . But, it's the fragrances we think smell good and would be great for our customers. Now with Request A Fragrance we will take your requests and add them to (we can't guarantee that your request will be fulfilled). Each request cost 1 FH3 Point and allows up to 3 fragrances to be submitted at a time.

Recent Orders

On your account dashboard you can now see your last 3 orders that you've placed with us. Including your order items, tracking company, order status, tracking number, date of purchase, and much more. To see your orders, please sign up/login with the email address that you've placed your orders with. In the future we will be adding a page where you can see all your recent order instead of just 3.

A Little Surprise for You!

When you log into your account there will be 5 free FH3 Points waiting for you! So, you can request a fragrance today! Or hoard your FH3 Points, up to you. Img


- Donte Trumble - CEO of Future Hits 3