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Our Mission


First, let me give you a brief background story about Future Hits 3 and where we're from.

The original Future Hits was started by our dad, Charles Trumble in Newport News, VA. He ran Future Hits from storefronts for more than 25+ years. He had 2 main stores throughout his career, Peddler’s Village and Denbigh. In his stores he sold Men and Women clothing, Music, sunglasses, oils, and etc. A couple years ago he decided to close his stores and retire.

Trust, Affordability, and Quality

Here at Future Hits 3 we want to give our customers the best quality products for a very good price. We want to only bring you the HITS! That's why as of this post we only have 5 fragrance oils for sale on our website. We want our customers to trust our judgement and choices in anything that we bring to our shop. That's why it's so important to get your feedback for we can improve. If you want to provide any feedback or a question please click here.

Start Small and Grow!

As you can tell right now we only sell women's fragrance oils. But, we want to expand into much more! While we learn more about E-commerce and research what products we're going to bring to our customers next. We're introducing more technologies and new features to the website to help out our customers. Also, we're building this website/brand from the ground up so bare with us. We are not a fly by night company. We are here to stay and grow.