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Coming Soon! Scented By Future Hits 3


We're super excited to announce Scented by Future Hits 3! Scented is our monthly fragrance oil subscription service. Scented has 3 subscription tiers - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze is $10 a month and you get 2 - 10 ml fragrance oils. Silver is $15 a month and you get 3 - 10 ml fragrance oils. Gold is $20 a month and you get 4 - 10 ml fragrance oils. All subscription tiers comes with Free Shipping (a savings of $3 - $5 depending on were you are in the USA) and access to our growing number of fragrance oils. So, click here to sign up to the mailing list to learn more about Scented and when Scented launches. Scented Subscription Tiers


- Donte Trumble - CEO of Future Hits 3