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About Us

Who are we? The faces behind Future Hits 3!

Charles Trumble


Dontè Trumble


Jelon Trumble


Background behind Future Hits

The original Future Hits was started by our dad, Charles Trumble in Newport News, VA. He ran Future Hits from storefronts for more than 25+ years. He had 2 main stores throughout his career, Peddler’s Village and Denbigh. In his stores he sold Men and Women clothing, Music, sunglasses, oils, and etc. A couple years ago he decided to close his stores and retire.

Present day Future Hits 3

Same Future Hits but online and ran by his 3 sons. Our goal is to bring what our Dad did for 25+ years at his storefronts but on the internet. We're going to strive to have the best prices but also have great quality products. If you have any questions about Future Hits 3, please go to our contact page or click here to send us a message.

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